We and BKV

Why BKV and Viditech instruments are similar.

In 2008 we signed a contract for future contract with the president of BKV, Mr. Ekvall. It was during visiting Vibroservis spol. s r. o. after presentation of our instruments – see Technics for Vibrodiagnostic 2008.

From BKV there was present:

The president Mr. Ekvall, Mr. Adolf Siegl, Mr. Ing. Vála. With BKV also arrived Mr. O, the contact agent between BKV and Vibroservis, who had already helped sell our instrumentation to the US. Mr. O was a teacher, sympathizer and friend of Vibroservis.

Important: We told all the participants that the first generation of instruments that we were presenting, has an essential drawback in small internal memory RAM of the processor (DSP, 32 kB) and that we had almost finished the intrument with RAM (256 kB) that had sufficient reserve at that times.

In 2009 we signed purchase conracts of the instrument VC-1500 (with accelerometers) and its manufacturing and the contract of development for BKV. Both contracts were (except for payment for VC-1500, we were very satisfied with it) very disadvantageous, but they were co-created by Mr. O. We trusted him. We trusted him also because we payed him a relatively high provision (10% of our selling price from 1 piece instrument VC-1500 supplied to BKV).

In 2010 we presented our intrument VC-1500 NEW (internal RAM 256 kB + eeprom 1MB) in Germany. The intrument was refused by Mr. Ekval.

In 2011 we offered the intrument Vibrologger (compact vibration analyser) to presentation and sale. It was also refused by Mr. Ekval. Later we applied BKV for co-financing development of Vibrologger miniaturization that we had patented. Mr. Ekval refused it. Approximately at that time BKV began to show publicly that it wanted to begin to manufacture instruments VC-1500 in Germany itself. We also heard, that Mr. O was going to manufacture, in cooperation with the Swiss company, an instruments that are competitive with our instruments. We stopped paying commision for meditation to Mr. O, because we saw from another point of view that we were paying for destruction.

All this led to the necessity for Vibroservis to liquidate itself, that ceased to be able to pay developers, because of loss of VC-1500 orders.

Fortunately we were able to continue developing in the Viditech company and since 2016 we have finished universal third-generation instruments with functions, about which competition (even the Swiss company with Mr. O) is only thinking.

Because, at the turn of 2015/16, Mr President Ekvall left the BKV, who, in my opinion, with Mr. O deliberately destroyed Vibroservis, we turned to BKV with the offer of the upgraded VC-1500 NEW from 2010 (with RAM 256) on VDT-1550 (already third generation from 2015, with RAM 16 MB), because the original VC-1500 should not be in BKV’s own interest anymore on the market (due to the small RAM capacity). Mr Siegl unfortunately continues with Mr Ekvall’s policy and refuses to renew the cooperation with Viditech company.

Especially piquant is refusal of Vibrologger with explanation that they are working (or cooperating) on their own compact instrument , if since 2011 there is the Vibrologger patent (protected by patents from years 2012, 2016 and patent application from 2017).

Because the rejection of VC-1500 NEW (=VDT 1550) does not have such a logic (as the Mr. Ekvall’s rejection did not have), I have to worry that both gentlemen have bet on liquidation – Mr. president Evall on liquidation of Vibroservis, in that he succeded and Mr. Siegl on liquidation of Viditech, that has not succeded him yet.

This matter is under investigation at this time. We have some knowledge that there is perhaps a VC-1550 in an aluminum box (IP 65) that is offered by for now unknown subject as an alternative to Viditech’s customers. It is necessary to find out to whom does it serve.

We declare responsibly that it is either a stolen device or a plagiarism, in the worst case a combination.