Viditech 2500VSLF is an eight-channel digital instrument for measuring and evaluating vibration and temperature of rotating machines. Device cooperate with velocity sensors and measure vibrations velocity or vibrations displacement. Measuring in wide customisable range 0,5Hz – 1kHz.

Device can monitor temperature in up to four channels, vibration in two channels, including the implementation of their automated analyzes.

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Number of measuring channels

  • 2x vibration velocity/displacement (in each channel 0,5/1/2/5/10Hz…100/500/1000Hz)
  • 4x temperature (3-conductor PT 100)

Each channel contains a limit L1 (warning) and L2 (danger).

For vibration measuring accelerometers with ICP supply are used.

  • 2x logical input (SPD – revolution, TM – Trip Multiply and TRG – synchronizing input)

Current outputs and relays

The instrument communicates with the superior system through 6 current outputs (4-20) mA.

  • 2x vibration (A, B)
  • 2x temperature (A, B)
  • 2x universal (temperature (C, D) or condition of bearing (A, B))

These relays ensure complete protection of the diagnosed machine

  • OK relay (ensuring a trouble-free state of the instrument)
  • L1  relay (user defined warning of a raised value)
  • L2  relay (user defined warning of a high value)

Vibration channels (A, B) have their own buffered outputs on the BNC connectors.

Communication interface

  • ModBus RTU / ModBus over Ethernet

The communication interface ensures connection to the Ethernet, through which it is possible to monitor and control the instrument. It is possible to choose between ModBus RTU (through RS485) and ModBus over Ethernet (connectable using standard RJ-45 connector).

Instrument attachment dispositions

  • Small size – it is also possible to place the instrument into a separate (industry) box
  • Mounting – easy assembly using a DIN moulding.