Online monitors

Online monitors are designed for permanent installation on the machine, where they watch the desired parameters such as temperature, vibration, and others.

Online monitors running continuously 24 hours a day, therefore not suitable to wear with them to the computer. Communication and data acquisition takes place through internet server to which you connect users, clients who want that data to monitor and adjust the device itself and control.

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Online monitors 2500 series

It is a metal device in a massive iron box which can withstand even the harshest conditions.

It is a technology „everything inside“ so to their own activities do not need to download any data.

The device is equipped with LEDs that show the current status of the measurement equipment. Exceeding the recommended values ​​in critical limit switches unit L2 and measured machine shut down to prevent its destruction.

These six-channel universal measuring units are used as a reliable safety device (switch off the machine if any of the monitored values ​​exceed the set limit), as well as a diagnostic tool (due to frequency analysis with high resolution, trends, postmortem, history, etc. ..)

Device type is determined by the internal firmware through universal common hardware platform and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The devices have universal input circuit that enables the connection of all commonly used sensors
(CCLD / ICP accelerometers, velocity sensors with a DC power supply, the sensor tracks). Temperature is measured using four Pt100 inputs třídrátovým connection.

The complete instrument settings can be carried out locally (via the keyboard and display) and remotely (via PC program přesInternet).

Changing the firmware can be performed remotely by the customer via ModBus bus.

Version of the device on the DIN rail in a box with IP 67, Preparatory Eurocard a 19″ rack.