We specialize in the manufacture of tools for monitoring and analyzing the the value of machines.

It is a portable device that the technician can carry around and immediately see what the measured data acquired and thus can in real time to correct and re-verify machine.

Data are not sent anywhere, only saved to the device, where the possibility of re-views, including detailed charts on your computer using our special software.

We also offer transferable instruments which are intended to be mounted directly on the machine. These devices monitor the machine 24 hours a day online and send data to the software, where the technician monitors and if the values ​​reach a critical value, the control center shall be informed of the situation and decide. However, if the value is so critical that during the time could damage the machine, the machine monitoring device will automatically shut down.

To all equipment needed special sensors. We offer speed sensor, temperature sensors, vibration sensors and others.

All devices can be connected, either online or offline, to the software that analyzes and clearly displays the measured values​​.

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