About us


Viditech spol. s r. o. history begins with the establishment of company Vibroservis Schenck-Habanec spol. s r. o. in 1996 by Carl Schenck AG and two Czech partners. Carl Schenck company was a group with global influence and their vibration technology department was in top five companies in the industry. Also, both Czech partners worked at the time of starting up a business of Vibroservis in this area in První Brněnská company in Brno for at least 10 years. Originally, Vibroservis company ensured sales of C. Schenck technology and Vibroservis expert staff was doing customer measurements using it. Gradually it started to design a small series of instruments parts and equipment for vibrodiagnostics. The company tried to introduce digital signal processing into the middle class instrumentation, which was persuaded to allow the manufacture of high precision and possibilities which the mostly used analog technology could not offer. Thanks to progressive representative of the C. Schenck company Mr. Ulrich Olsen Vibroservis began to develop and eventually produce a device that is known as Vibrocontrol 920 in 1993. With development the collaboration with Brno University of Technology was established with many external co-workers (Mr. Huták and Mr. Mazurek).

Vibrocontrol 920 is a hybrid instrument with some digital signal processing (full digitization should be a greater benefit but would be unacceptably more expensive). Vibroservis produced several thousand pieces of Vibrocontrol 920 instrument. It was exclusively sold by C. Schenck company, by Bruel&Kjaer – Schenck vibro company after orgranizational changes at the beginning of this century. Vibrocontrol 920 is sold by B&K Vibro company after departure of foreign partner from Vibroservis and after transfer of manufacturing process to Germany since 2002.

Digital signal processors (DSP) began to be cost attractive at the end of the last century. We and BUT staff were confident that it will allow full digital processing of vibrations with all its benefits and low price. Moreover it would be possible to implement certain processes which would be able to help results interpretation in new instruments. We would like to create some kind of expert system. We started a development of instrument based on DSP. The basic idea was (and still is) to design the most universal hardware with button control and PC control. Another external co-worker Mr. Klíma from BUT joined the team. The cooperation with Vibroservis was decreasing due to organizational changes in our foreign partner. We did not have sales for out new product so we decided to stop the development and our foreign partner left in beginning of 2001. Vibroservis reduced its activity on fulfillment of covenants from earlier years and transferred the technology and employees to EKOL company.

Viditech establishment
We found that there is not any similar product that we defined before four years so we decided to continue development with external co-workers from BUT Mr. Hutak and Mr. Klima in 2004. Developent was financed from Vibroservis and private funds of partner. The intention was to design, develop and produce the entire range of middle class instruments for vibrodiagnostic needs (and safety monitoring) measuring acceleration, velocity, displacement, one channel, two channel and more channel versions.

Viditech company was established by the owner of Vibroservis together with Mr. Klima and Mr. Hutak in 2005. This company should prepare serial production, produce and sell new instruments. We finished planned development, produced first series of basic instruments and started looking for sales in 2006. Viditech company sold about 200 of different variants of instruments (mostly two channel) to USA and Europe custrommers in 2007 and 2008 still looking for good seller.

Viditech started negotiation with foreign company which was interested in our instruments in 2008. This company asked for some changes in our most sophisticated instrument VDT02-A and we began development of test and adjustment device. This device is able to test and adjust semi-products (using special software), flash instrument by appropriate firmware after adjustment and measure all characteristics and store results to our company information system (database of all produced items). Instrument is displaced if any of many measured values is out of range, repaired and whole process is started again. (For your imagination – one measurement protocol consists of 45 A4 pages).

As described this automated testing device is doing perfect checkout process without human intervention. After this checkout the visual and mechanical (button functionality) checkout is done. We considered this automated device necessary to be able to provide serial production with quality assurance.

We signed 5 year exclusive selling contract for VC-1500 (VDT02-A with modifications) and its descendants in 2009. Our partner became owner of all rights for VC-1500 and wanted to sign this contract with Vibroservis. Therefore we transferred everything what is adherented to VC-1500 production (with testing device) to Vibroservis.


Development of all other products is still in Viditech. The nowadays technologies allow us to realize more expert systems therefore we are still closer to solutions which where only vision for us at beginnings.